Original Articles

“Guarding the Goods, How to Protect Proprietary Information Without Relying Upon a Non-Compete,” pp. 12-13, February 2008, Brainstorm (Portland magazine)

“Proposed Changes to the H-2A Program for Employing Foreign Temporary Agricultural Workers,” p.8, May/June 2008, AgLink (Oregon magazine)

Contributor, Employment Discrimination Law, 1998 Supplement, ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law and BNA Books

Note, “My Life, My Story, Right? Fashioning Life Story Rights in the Motion Picture Industry,” 12 Hastings COMM/ENT L.J. 627 (1990), selected for republication in Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts Handbook, pp. 107-144 (Clark Boardman Callaghan Editors, 1991).

Published Court Decisions

Most of the cases Michelle has litigated were resolved before going to trial. Occasionally, though, a case will result in a published decision, for example,

Pilkington Barnes Hind v. Superior Court for the City and County of San Francisco, 77 Cal. Rptr.2d 596, 66 Cal. App.4th 28 (Cal. App. 1 Dist. 1998) (writ of mandate issued in employer’s favor directing Superior Court to grant employer’s motion for summary judgment disposing of employee’s wrongful termination suit because employee was still an applicant when he failed suspicionless preemployment drug test delayed at his request).